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The publishing house works both with print publications and online content based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and current trends in the scientific world.

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MKH PRESS products are:

  • specialized medical literature
  • "Dermatologist" magazine
  • methodical recommendations for specialists
  • educational prints for patients
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All the content is thoroughly selected and prepared by the professional editorial team and translators.

“Dermatologist” magazine

“Dermatologist” magazine is a unique printed publication for dermatologists, venereologists, specialists in aesthetic medicine and doctors of related specialties, which is a product of cooperation of the international editorial board with the friendly support of the Springer-Verlag publishing house and is based on the publications of one of the most popular German magazines “Der Hautarzt”.

According to the independent organization “UKRAINIAN RATING AGENCY”, the magazine topped the rating of specialized printed publications on the profile of “Dermatology and Venereology”.

“Dermatologist” magazine 2021

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Published books

"Guide to Psychodermatology"

The book of one of the leading experts in the field of psychodermatology, a world-renowned scientist - Professor Mohammad Jafferani.

Mohammad Jafferani is a member of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), and director, ex-president and executive secretary of the Association for Psychoneurodermatology of North America (APMNA).

The book reflects the long-time personal experience of professor Jafferani. Being a psychiatrist, he managed to collect decades of practice in the main specialty and combined it with the specifics of consulting of dermatological patients. Your acquaintance with this publication, without any doubt, will give a new boost to the development of psychodermatology, one of the most promising areas of modern integrative medicine.

Book price* - 514 UAH

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"Personalized approach to the topical therapy in dermatology"

The book on extemporal pharmacotherapy of dermatoses deals with the principles of choosing drugs and formulations for topical use aiming an individual approach to the treatment of dermatological diseases.

The guide consists of 5 chapters and summarizes information on various domestic and foreign inscriptions that have been used in dermatology for decades.

Book price* - 360 UAH

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